Admissions Procedure


New and continuing students will be admitted to the Greenwood School upon receipt of a completed registration form and receipt of the registration/materials fee. The completed registration form automatically places new students on the waiting list if space is not available. No fee is required to be put on the waiting list. Registration for continuing students and Federal employees will be early March. Open registration for new students will follow in two weeks. We reserve the right to reject an application for any student we feel has special needs which cannot be met satisfactorily by our school. A child may be asked to leave the school if a behavioral or special need develops that we are not equipped to handle. Dismissal due to behavior will only take place after we have talked with the parents on numerous occasions trying to resolve the issue. If after talking with the parents, pediatrician and/or other professionals, this issue is not resolved, the child will be asked to leave the school. If the child is a danger to themselves, children and/or staff, the child will be asked to leave the school. Dismissal of the child is always a last resort.


1. Once parents or staff members recognize a potential special need, other applicable staff members are notified. 2. If evaluation needs to be done, parents are supplied with the appropriate phone numbers for evaluation to be completed. 3. Once evaluation is completed, information is shared between the parents and teachers. 4. Once evaluation is completed a special program is set up with the evaluating agency and then implemented. 5. Staff/Parent/Evaluating Agency communication is stressed at this time.


In accordance with Maryland State Law, Greenwood School does not discriminate based upon race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability or age in the admission of pupils or the employment of faculty and administrative staff.


Note the Tuition Policy and Current Rates for the breakdown of fees. We request that you write a separate check for each child enrolled, if possible. A non-refundable registration fee is required when submitting an application. Parents are responsible for tuition, to be paid in monthly installments. Parents are additionally responsible for one month’s tuition following written notification of a child’s withdrawal. There will be a $30.00 fee for each returned check.

Important Dates

November 4     Friends of Greenwood Fall Get-Together, 3-5pm, University Park

November 7     Fall Bake Sale, 11am-1pm; Metro III Main Lobby

November 7     Claire's Gourmet Delivery

November 9     Veteran's Day Observed; School Closure

November 23-24     Thanksgiving Holiday; School Closure