Mission & History

The Friends of Greenwood, Inc. (FOG)

Is the name of the Board of Directors that contracts with the Greenwood School. A Board of Directors serving this function is a requirement of the 1992 contract between GSA and the Greenwood School. The Board, along with the Director of the Greenwood School, determines the general program structure and sets enrollment priorities, fees, and hours/days of operation, and also maintains a tuition assistance program. The Board is made up of both Greenwood School parents and employees of the federal agencies who lease space in the University Town Center complex, many of whom are also parents.

Tuition Assistance Program.

The tuition assistance program is a requirement of the 1992 contract between the Greenwood School and the General Services Administration (GSA). The Greenwood School is a GSA National Capital Region Child Care Center (http://www.gsa.gov/portal/content/101942). Funding for the tuition assistance program comes from generous parents and friends. This past school year was a very successful one for FOG fund-raising. The money raised will provide tuition assistance to several Greenwood families. The money will also help offset tuition costs for several teachers who want to continue their education in childhood development with the goal of improving the overall quality of care at the Greenwood School. We look forward to your support with our fund-raising efforts this school year. Upcoming events already planned include regular date nights, restaurant promotions, bake sales, and our annual silent auction in May. If you are a federal employee, please consider donating to the Friends of Greenwood via the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC).

FOG's CFC code is 35592.

If you would like to request tuition assistance please contact the School Director personally.

Role of board members. The following are the Board's primary tasks:

- Fundraising: Help to plan, organize, publicize and oversee fundraising events to maintain the tuition assistance programs for both students and teachers. - Administration/Executive: Make suggestions on legal and administrative issues such as the contract, health and safety, NAEYC accreditation, and the calendar of activities.  A comprehensive description of the Board's responsibilities is available online at: http://www.gsa.gov/graphics/pbs/boardofdirectorsnew.pdf. Getting involved. If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Board member, please contact Laurie Klinovsky: 301-458-4860 / 301-277-6877 

Important Dates

November 4     Friends of Greenwood Fall Get-Together, 3-5pm, University Park

November 7     Fall Bake Sale, 11am-1pm; Metro III Main Lobby

November 7     Claire's Gourmet Delivery

November 9     Veteran's Day Observed; School Closure

November 23-24     Thanksgiving Holiday; School Closure